Soul Scratch

Fri Jan 19, 2018        8pm


SOUL SCRATCH is founded on, and rooted in the principle that through the healing power of music, the world may be made into a joyous loving place where all of humanity can come together under the umbrella of Love and togetherness. It was founded by JOHNNY CHOU, JOEL GIVERTZ, and ADAM GREENBERG originally coming together in various musical projects throughout their young lives and with the addition of MATT REALE’s horn lines started to make its way into the hearts of all who heard their signature sound.

At the same time this musical exploration was beginning, another journey was underway on the East coast in the form of DALE SPOLLETT developing the vocal skills and feel that would one day add his distinct interpretation to the west coast soul scene. After moving to Los Angeles, He saw a SOUL SCRATCH show and was duly impressed with the band’s sound, passion, and interpretation of soul music.

As fate would have it, the band was looking for a new lead singer at the time and Spollett answered the call. Five years and three albums later SOUL SCRATCH has blossomed into one of the mainstay powerhouses in the SoCal Soul scene. Their latest work “Pushing Fire” on COLEMINE RECORDS, SOUL SCRATCH continues to grow and impress new audiences with their musicianship, drive, and passion for the music they make.

“We are on a mission to cure the world of hate, and educate all people in the power of Love, Peace, and Music.”


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